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Timber Partial Access

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Partial Access

Partial Access


Timber Partial Access

The Durabella partial access floor has been developed for areas where service and/or cable management is required but where full access to all areas is not required. Access hatches or traps can be installed in the areas where access is needed and the remainder of the floor forms a consistent, homogenous surface capable of taking heavy traffic without distortion. This system is more cost-effective than a fully accessible floor.

Many office and school environments have pre-determined layouts early in the structure of the building and do not change dramatically during the course of its life. It is commonly believed that providing a full access floor during the build will accommodate the use of any future business type. In reality, the use of the working area is likely to be determined by exits, toilets, kitchens and walkways within the layout of the office, which is unlikely to change dramatically.

It is our experience as suppliers and installers of raised flooring that in as much as 80% of the installations completed using full access floors, less than 10% of the total floor area is likely to require access during its working life.

Durabella partial access floors are available in several different options, depending on the required loadings (light, medium or heavy), the type of use and the amount of access required. Please contact Durabella for a bespoke quotation based on your specific requirements.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg

Floor height from 55mm – 500mm.


Available in light, medium and heavy grade

Access Panels

600x400mm ,400x400mm. Trunking runs are also possible

Suitable subfloor types



Commercial, offices, retail, education, healthcare, residential

Partial Access

Partial Access

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