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Durabella Westbourne Acoustic Batten


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Actual Area (m²) 1
Total Price £20.98

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Enhanced Loading * 

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Durabella Westbourne Acoustic Batten system

The Durabella Westbourne Acoustic Batten flooring system is designed to reduce sound transmission through concrete and timber floors on generally even sub-floors. For uneven sub-floors the Durabella cradle and batten system is recommended.  It allows for the installation of services beneath the floor if required. The system can also be used with under floor heating. It is an easy to install system that is suitable for new build and refurbishment projects in the domestic, commercial, leisure and sports industries. The system can be used to meet the sound insulation requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations as amended 2004.

All Durabella battens are 46mm wide and 2400mm long. Battens are available in a range of sizes to meet your flooring height requirements from 15mm to 115mm, to a maximum FFH of 123. If you require a finished acoustic batten floor of more then 123mm in height, please contact us at Battens are constructed of softwood timber with 10mm rubber crumb pads bonded to the underside. 100% recycled rubber crumb is used in the production of the acoustic pads. Acoustic battens can be treated with fire retardant if required, on request.

A variety of acoustic battens are also available with different isolation pads suitable for various types of end user requirements such as in industrial settings requiring vibration control, performance floors in gyms, theatres and sports centres.

Acoustic battens are also available in hardwood and in carbon neutral bamboo.

Please Note:

This system comprises: 18mm chipboard, P5, T&G4; acoustic battens to meet the desired finished floor height, perimeter seal, adhesive and screws.

Please select any ancillary requirements for your order from the drop down list or select “none”.

No wastage allowance is included. The wastage allowance should be based on the room configuration. For the average standard room a 5–10% wastage allowance is recommended.

When your order has been added to your basket please click on the shipping icon to calculate the shipping costs or select collection if you wish to collect in person.

Please refer to the guide for installation of the Durabella batten system for installation instructions.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Floor Type

Ground thermal, First or above, thermal none levelling, First or above acoustic none levelling, First or above Acoustic levelling

Existing Floor

100 mm concrete, 150 mm concrete, 200 mm concrete, 250 mm concrete, Block & Beam, Don't know, Standard floorboards with joist, Timber cross laminated timber (CLT)

Height on Top

1-5 mm, 5-10 mm, 10-20 mm, 20-30 mm, 30-45 mm, 45-55 mm, 55-70 mm, 70-85 mm, 85-100 mm, 100-115 mm, 115-130 mm

Ancillary Requirements

Service void, Wet under floor heating, Service void with access panels for partial access floors (schools), Service void with access floor (retail + offices), Electric underfloor heating

Enhance loading

Increase load bearing up to 2.5 kn/m2, Increase load bearing up to 3.5 kn/m2, Increase loadbearing up to 5 kn/m2

Enhance Sound proofing

Airbourne 3dB, Impact 3dB, No


Ceramics, Hard Wood, Heavy Stone Tile, Vinyl

Building Suitability

Cinema, Hospital, Offices, Residential, School / College / Academy, Student Accommodation, Theatre

Building Regulations

Bream Standard, Robust Detail, Standard Building Regulations

Product Documents

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