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Durabella D3 PVA Adhesive


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Durabella D3 PVA Adhesive

The Durabella D3 PVA adhesive is a waterproof PVA polymer emulsion based adhesive for general assembly of woodworking applications. It is used to bond sheet materials e.g. chipboard or plywood to battens in the Durabella flooring systems. Note: the moisture content of timber to which the adhesive is applied should not exceed 10-12%.

Once cured the product gives a transparent and durable bond. It is supplied in 1kg applicator bottles for ease of application and can also be applied by brush, roller or spreader. The average coverage rate is between 10m2 to 20m2 per litre/bottle.

The product should be stored and applied at temperatures of 12 – 30°C. It is workable for 10 – 15 minutes and is fully cured after 24 hours. It can be easily removed when wet using warm water.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg



10 – 20 m2 per litre


In sealed containers between 10 – 25°C. Do not allow to freeze.

For use with

General assembly of woodworking applications. Used to bond sheet materials to battens in Durabella flooring systems.


Domestic, residential, commercial, offices, retail, education, healthcare, leisure, sports


Refer to the appropriate flooring guide for the flooring being installed

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