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Raised floor full/partial access

Raised Access Flooring Categories. There are two categories of raised access flooring: partial access and full access. Partial access floors contain hatches or doors that are used to provide access to the subfloor space while the individual panels are permanently connected to the building structure. The partial access floor has been developed for areas where cable management is necessary but where full computer room access flooring is unlikely to be required. Many office environments have determined layouts early in the structure of the building and do not change dramatically during the course of its life.

It is our experience as suppliers and installers of raised flooring that in as much as 80% of the installations completed using full access floors, less than 10% of the total floor area is likely to require access during its working life.

It is commonly believed that providing a full access floor during the build will accommodate the use of any future business type. In reality the use of the working area is likely to be determined by exits, toilets, kitchens and walkways within the layout of the office, which are unlikely to change dramatically.

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