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Raised floor full/partial access

If you are looking for a way to incorporate mechanical and/or electrical services in your building securely and safely, access flooring may be just the solution you need. Raised floor systems allow services to be hidden in the void created in the floor and allow easy access both when installing and maintaining services.

The workspace can be easily altered, if required at a later stage, to allow for a new application or purpose.  The void created can also be used as a plenum to distribute air around your building. Where you need access to the void, the flooring can be adapted for full or partial access to suit your requirements.

A raised access floor is an elevated floor structure over a solid substrate, usually concrete, which creates a hidden void where cables, pipes and wiring can be routed. The flooring may be full access where all panels can be lifted to provide access to any part of the floor area beneath or partial access. Partial access allows access in predetermined areas only.

Durabella Standard full access and partial access floor systems range from a minimum height of 55mm up to a maximum of 145mm. It is also available for floor heights from 145mm up to 1.2m but please contact Durabella for a quote for the system at heights above 145mm.

The technical department will check the structural calculations for your system prior to purchase. These floor types can also be fire-rated, please contact Durabella for further information.

Benefits of raised access flooring

  • Easy access when installing or maintaining services
  • Provides flexibility in building design
  • Faster and cheaper construction during installation and when reconfiguring spaces
  • Ability to adapt to accommodate different business needs or purposes.

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