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Non-levelling floor systems

Durabella Non-levelling floor systems

The Durabella Non-levelling floor systems is a floating raised floor supported on Durabella acoustic battens. The space between the battens creates a void which can accommodate services, under floor heating or acoustic or thermal insulation quilt.

The Durabella Westbourne Acoustic Batten system is an effective solution when dealing with acoustic control for intermediate floors in new-build and refurbishment projects. The floors should be flat and level. The battens isolate the floor from the building structure and there are various isolators to accommodate end-user requirements including low frequency isolators. Further information can be found on the Durabella Acoustic Batten datasheet. This floating floor system is compliant with FFT1 & FFT3 Robust Detail floating floor systems and has been tested at facilities with full UKAS accreditation. The system is suitable for use on timber joisted and concrete floor structures. The minimum finished floor height for the Durabella Westbourne Acoustic Batten system is 33mm up to a maximum finished floor height of 133mm (using an 18mm chipboard or similar overlay board).

This system is not suitable for use on uneven or on surfaces than are not reasonably level. The Durabella Acoustic cradle & batten system is designed to accommodate uneven subfloors.

Benefits of the Durabella Acoustic Batten Non Levelling Flooring System

  • Reduces airborne and impact sound transmission between
  • Cost effective, quick and easy to install
  • Can accommodate services and under floor heating in the void
  • Acoustic or thermal quilt insulation can be laid between the battens if required
  • Dry construction means no drying out delays
  • Floor can be used immediately after installation
  • Provides a level finished floor suitable for a range of floor finishes including ceramic tiles or hardwood finishes secret nailed to the battens
  • No maintenance requirements

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