Design, Manufacture and Supply of Acoustic, Access, and Sports Floor Systems

About Us

Durabella Design A Deck has been structured to deliver a total service capability to ensure our professional excellence and your peace of mind throughout our operation. We offer a complete all encompassing design, supply and installation service with a fully experienced team equipped to carry out works on site, including level surveys. We provide detailed quotations, ensuring that calculations and material call offs are correct.

With an enviable reputation for quality and technical expertise we have devoted time in research and development to produce high performance floating floor systems which will perform acoustically, thermally and structurally while accommodating under floor heating  and a multitude of finishes from stone, marble and hardwoods.

Our systems meet the required levels of sound insulation for the varied and complex floor construction types complying with the Building Regulations Document E.  We aim to improve modern day living standards in relation to the effects of excessive noise and reducing unwanted noise transmission within buildings. Durabella Systems are an ideal cost effective solution for reducing shock absorption, sound reduction problems, and our data sheets will explain the solutions that our products will provide.

The Sectors we work with include: Construction, Industrial, Sports and Leisure, Local Authorities, Health Care, Education, Housing Associations and Residential Developments. 

Our website has been designed to cater for all our clients and their demands and we ask that you visit our online flooring guide which will guide you to a selection of Durabella products.

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